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9 Famous Funko Plush

To celebrate the endlessly creepy Funko plush from Five Nights at Freddy’s media franchise that now encompasses video games, books and other merchandise, I have put together a review of FNaF popular plush.

Funk Plush Review


9 Famous Funko Plush


Five Nights at Freddy’s : Pizza Sim – Helpy 12″ US Exclusive Plush Toy

He’s got his bow tie and buttons and chubby cheeks. They’ve got the colors right too in comparison tot the game.

The buck teeth are an addition to the design which is not really authentic. Otherwise, I feel like this is a good plushy. The most glaring issue I see is his mouth. Funko generally just makes the seam on their snout and the mouth. However, the illusion is lost when you added more seams than necessary in the mouth. In the past Freddy was just on seem for the mouth. Why did you change this now designed to be worse?  The typical Freddy has three, two of which being barely visible. I will admit overall, this plushy is cute and accurate enough. However, I think the design really works on a larger plush, medium helping here. I would recommend the larger plush.

El Chip

Funko Plush

Funko Plush: Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza Simulator – El Chip Collectible Figure, Multicolor

This plush is made of quality material. The sombreros, interesting material, but I think it works. The only problem with this material is it does not go back to its original shape after being stretched.

He’s got his little tail as well. That’s a really nice detail.  The characters, they always have great buck teeth. He has details on his legs too adding to the uniqueness of the plush.  What you’re seeing in El Chip is mainly his teeth. Other plush like Helpy plush has super small teeth. I know technically that’s more accurate, but in plush form, Helpy would look better with larger teeth like El chip.

Speaking of which does he actually look like a Beaver ? I have to say yes. This tail should have been made twice as long. And some quilting would have made a world of difference.

The key characteristic for El Chip debatably is his giant sombrero. Overall, I think this is a great plush. The way that the color around the eyes was done is something that I really, really dislike and have disliked ever since they started, these rings of color are supposed to be flushed with the rest of their head. Other than that this El Chip is a nice plushy. His colors are spot on.

Oriville The Elephant

Orville is one of our favourites.Funko Plush

Funko Plush Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza Simulator – Orville Elephant Collectible Figure, Multicolor

The eyes probably bothered me the most, to be honest. I don’t really think making an elephant plush would be easy. Funko has done a good job although he seems a bit overstuffed. Look at that cute smile though. His whole trunk area is just so well done. The zone in lines and the little curve up at the end really look effective. If only his face was a little less bulky, I’d say this is one of my favourite plushes.

Mr Hippo

Onto to Mr Hippo. Mr Hippos face does looks unusual for some reason. He just doesn’t look like Hippo to me. I just don’t feel like it’s a very good representation of the character.

Mr. Hippo is dark purple is usually a much darker color and yes, Mr. Hippo, isn’t an exclusive.

Funko Plush

Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizzeria Simulator Hippo Figure Funko

Yes, he’s popular, but does he compare to Helpy or Lefty? I wouldn’t assume so.

Happy Frog is next. Let’s hear from our happier frog first.

Happy Frog

Happy Frog looks really good. I don’t have any faults for Happy Frog. I mean, it looks super accurate as well. Funko have given Happy more detail in a variety of colors even on the legs. She  even has eye lashes, which is a really nice detail to me.


Five Nights at Freddys Pizzeria Simulator Frog Plush Funko

Five Nights at Freddys Pizzeria Simulator Frog Plush Funko

She looks like she’s permanently scrunching up her nose. What makes happy frog exclusive? I can’t imagine anyone out there desperately wanting to add happy frog to their collection, but maybe I just don’t see what everyone else does.

Our last mediocre Melody’s character, the Pig Patch.

Pig Patch

funko plush

Funko Plush Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza Simulator – Pigpatch Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Pigpatch has a weird shaped heads. The original plushy forms was animatronic. So I don’t  understand the big head, pig patch. Detail is key for these plushies. Big eyes and big cheeks look great. They’ve even added a little pink stitching and a belly button. That’s awesome.

I love how they’ve added a little pink tie. It would have been nicer if it was actually a pig tail sticking out to. I really liked the material that they use is good quality.

I think this could be plushie line of products with cousins like Pork patch or Bacon patch.

Now let’s get this party started with the Rock Star characters.

Rockstar Freddy

Do I think Funko gives him justice? The plush has star on the chest, but it feels a bit cheap to me guys. Feels like a sticker. It looks great. I’m just worried that it might peal off easily.


funko plush

Funko Plush: Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza Simulator – Rockstar Freddy Collectible Figure, Multicolor

He’s got the purple top hat. The purple bow tie,s the cheeks, the freckles, the plastic nose. He’s knee pads, which all of the rock stars have. I do feel they have overdone the bilging eyes. Apart from the eyes, everything else looks great. Its colors overall is spot on. He also has a quirky little smile. Overall. I give Freddie 8/10.


Next up we have our pirate pal rockstar Foxy.

funko plush

Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Fox 10 inches Plush Doll

This plush is missing half of the rockstar characters from second pizzeria SIM set.

I liked the fact that they added a pink leg to this rockstar. Foxy looks a bit weird because they added the eye patch on the bulge of the eye and instead of like covering it completely.

I like the tuft of hair at the top. I feel like the colors a little bit off. It is a bit too light coampared to the original rockstar. The parot is a great added feature.  I feel like Funko did try harder on the series and that’s a really good sign for the future.


funko Plush

Funko Five Nights At Freddy’S Bonnie Plush, 6″

Bonnie was just released later than the other here. You can tell it’s spring Bonnie, which is good.

Bonnie has been transformed into a 6″ Plush by Funko. 6″ Plush figure features Funko’s unique style. These adorable plush figures are perfect for any Five Nights at Freddy’s fan!

All the plush can are collectable items from the Five Nights at Freddy’s theme from Funko. Please check with Amazon AU for the current price as some these items have increased in value. All these plush in this articl have a Funko label sown into the bottom of the item with double stiching. Look for the label for authenticity.

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