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Feisty Plushie – What The Heck!

Feisty pets are a line of plushie animals with a crappy attitude!

Feisty Plushie toys can be bought online at Amazon or in your local Toy World, Target and Big W.

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Feisty may be a word for somebody who is  touchy or argumentative. It may also mean “showing bravery or determination.” If you are huffy or puffy, you are feisty.

Feisty individuals typically appear to be ready for a fight. On the opposite hand, it may be a positive trait when going into an argument.

Each one of these pet plush changes expression from cute to ‘feisty’ once you gently squeeze it behind the ears. No batteries or extras necessary. enamour and entertain any audience, young or recent with these distinctive and animated animals!

Every year, there appears to be some style of Christmas-themed toy that makes the world a brighter place to live. In 2016, Feisty Plushie Pets toy came onto the market. After viewing this toy myself, I couldn’t help but think “why would you give a child this? But it was also kind of funny too.

If toys are used for interaction one has to question the purpose behind these toys. Every child is different and discretion is required when choosing this toy.


Some of the most common participants of scary pranks are parents scaring their own children. They might not consciously be preparing them to survive battle with zombies and ghosts, but they’ve given them preparation for other challenges with the associated being scared – probably a future work colleague.

I kinda get this but I still to ask myself “why”?

Watch this video its hilarious even for an adult!

Space Unicorn! Feisty Films Ep. 73

Paranoid Prisma takes on the role of the Space Unicorn in this song parody!Subscribe: http://bit.ly/FeistyFilms | Shop: http://bit.ly/ShopFeistyPetsWatch the NEWEST videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEj3LN-By6XAz3ew0PwynwRaViuq3HBxY&playnext=1&index=2TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@feistypetsFirst, the army blows the Space Unicorn out of the sky, Princess Pottymouth (cat) pushes Buford Buttsniffer (basset hound) down the stairs, and Sammy Suckerpunch (gray dog) poops on the carpet. Then, Sir Growls-a-Lot asks to be shot with a tranquilizer dart because he can’t hibernate, Sammy Suckerpunch and Trixie Trashtalk play with a squeaky toy, the feisty sharks place an order online, and Vicky Vicious (bunny) tells the feisty police officer (played by Grandmaster Funk the monkey) that a creepy guy is following her. Next, Dastardly Daniel (great horned owl) and Henry Whodunnit (snowy owl) play Scrabble and Liza Loca (koala) tells a joke to Lethal Lena (snow leopard). Feisty fan films by @feistypetfriends, @bunnygerbillover, @zacharyfilmspro. Awesome Glenda Glitterpoop beanie provided by @supergirlbatgirlravager. Feisty Pets toys are now available in Burger King kids’ meals: watch Eden and Daniel hit the Burger King drive through and get some of the first Burger King Feisty Pets toys – and then go get your own!Follow Feisty Films:Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=william+mark+feisty+petsTikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@feistypetsInstagram: https://instagram.com/feistypetsFacebook: https://facebook.com/wmctoysOfficial Website: https://www.feistypets.comWritten and directed by Mark Forti and Alexis Kunzelman with Erin Dodds and Nathan Forti. Feisty Pets invented by Mark Forti and made by the William Mark Corporation.Watch more Feisty Films:Newest Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEj3LN-By6XAz3ew0PwynwRaViuq3HBxY&playnext=1Feisty Pets: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEj3LN-By6XAevduJrV_fEHjDOpzJdeWO&playnext=1Feisty Compilations: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEj3LN-By6XALKWGI8m9n_qEnyd1P5uWe&playnext=1WMC: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF28541E5B226EF2F&playnext=1Most Popular: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEj3LN-By6XBaAC8XpEmYSZwU9A_t8m02&playnext=1About Feisty Pets:Welcome to the official Feisty Films YouTube channel! Feisty Pets have stuffed attitude! On this channel you’ll find over 20 different animals who change expression from cute to feisty, some growl, some grin, some stick out their tongues. Watch the adventures of the Feisty Pets on this Feisty Films channel. We post new episodes every Saturday, so make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications!

Posted by Feisty Pets by William Mark Corporation – WMC on Saturday, February 15, 2020

Feisty Pets were created by the William Mark Corporation, however they are not the supplier to the general public. Instead, different outlets like ThinkGeek are the suppliers. Why do they need to sell it?

Feisty Plushie Pets go from cute to feisty with simply a squeeze to the rear of the pinnacle. Choose between 4 animals: bear, dog, cat and monkey – and more animals are presently in production. Which one do o you like the most?

There are no batteries for this, it makes no noises or does anything else. It’s essentially a stuffed bear that may be modified to seem ravenous (as long as you are holding the mechanism) and might modification back to seem innocent.

How Do Scary Plushie Affect Children.

Sigmund Freud claimed that children fantasise about dolls coming to life. Psychologist Ernst Jentsch theorized that uncomfortable or uncanny feelings arise when there is an intellectual uncertainty about whether or not an object is alive, and also that when an object one knows to be inanimate resembles a living being enough to generate confusion about its nature. Japanese roboticist Mashiro Mori expanded on the theories of Freud and Jung to develop the “uncanny valley” hypothesis.

The uncanny valley the relates to that moment in time when the child realises that its scary and then oh its not real. That gap can be large for some children and short for other children.

Psychologists say scaring children by their parents can have damaging consequences on their future.

Making children afraid by parents and other family members is quite common. Whenever children play, cry or act naughty their parents sometime create fear as a way of deterring the behaviour.

Some scare their little one by naming some imaginary characters, some others shout and some hit or tell that they will have some diabolical consequence if the behaviour continues. Zahra, 20, a student, said: “When I was a little child, my mother would scare me no to go out in dark or I will face goblin, monster. These things still haunt me though I have grown up.”

She said the practice of scaring children by their parents remained common in most families without knowing its consequences.

“Most families scare their children with words like: ‘Dog is coming to bite you. Do not go out of home or evil women would take you away in order to make them stop crying or eat food,” she said, adding that using such words caused emotional insecurity in children’s minds and could prove dangerous in future.

Tamanna, 18, a high school graduate, also said she her childhood memories were not too good because her mother would shout at her when she would act naughty. She said now she was well grown but still she was not a courageous person and did not feel good among crowds and new people. Marwa, a 13 years old girl, remembered: “Once I frightened my cousin who was then two and a half years old.

“My cousin’s hands, feet and lips crooked, her eyes were open, she could not talk, she was immoveable for several minutes. We scrubbed her feet and chest and sprayed water on her face and finally she came into senses.”

Alia, a mother of five children, said she also scared her son, her first born, when he was a baby. Now her son had grown up but he still afraid of dogs and felt uncomfortable among people, she said.

Family teaches children basics of social understanding

Anjila Babakrkhel, a schoolteacher and mother of five children, said: “I have always tried not to place fear in my children’s minds, whatever they do, I do not make them scared. I softly tell them do not do this, if something is fearful for children, I explain it how simple is it.”

Mohammad Ehsan, father of three children and a resident of Kabul, saidL “I had never scared my children and also do not let my wife scare them. Fear makes children coward, I have seen people who were frightened in childhood lack no social courage.”

Frightening children results into unwanted consequences.

Psychologists warn that besides other dangerous consequences, scaring children sometimes cause babies’ hearts to stop beating and lose lives.

Mohammad Naser Habibi, a psychologist in Kabul University, said families frightened children to prevent them from playing and make them quiet or stop demanding something.

He said scaring children caused mental problems, lack of courage, fear and weakness among them. Habibi asked families, particularly parents, to avoid making their children afraid and denying their rights.

Rohullah Rezwani, who teaches psychology in a university, said whatever children heard from their parents and elders, they believed it the rule of life. Frightening impacted children’s habits of sleep, eating, relations and others and isolated them from others, he said.

Scaring children may also cause enuresis, emotions, heart pain, problems in breathing and other problems, he said, adding parents should learn positive methods of treating and training their children.

He asked the media, scholars, the Ministry of Education and teachers to create awareness among parents about right training of their children.

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