A Fuggler, simply put, is a soft toy animal with distinctive teeth. The distinctive teeth are made from real dentures. What will they think of next? They look like this……………..




“Fuggler” is a made up word from the saying of “Funny Ugly Monster”.

The 50 available collectible characters live up to their name. They can be described as having weirdly squints or button eyes, often mismatched, and teeth that have never seen the light of day in a dentist chair. Fugglers are funny-ugly monsters that get up to mischief but are lovable at the same time.  Their mischievous antics and straight-up bonkers appearance will entertain the children for hours. They can be adopted or made to order. When adopted meaning bought off the shelf you can buy the monster there and then. When its made to order, the wait time is a little longer.

6 Steps To Adopting A Fuggler


Look deep into the vacant eyes of all the Fugglers up for sale. Narrow it down to the one that repulses you the least. Or the most – we don’t know your life.


Take a moment to consider why you’re actively sabotaging your own happiness.


Choose to adopt (buy) your Fuggler. We’ll follow his trail of destruction until we track that toothy weirdo down. He’ll probably be gnawing on chicken bones in a dumpster.


We will capture your Fuggler using only the most humane and industry-leading Fuggler-wrangling techniques. The Fuggler will bite and fart outrageously.


Your Fuggler will be forcibly stuffed into a Fuggler-proof cardboard travelling box and mailed to your home. He will try to escape that box, so don’t be surprised if it shows up at your door mangled as heck.


Remove your Fuggler from its box with great caution. Immediately regret your decision.

Fugglers can be purchase online at;



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The creator of this unusual but lovable toy, is Louise McGettrick.

The suggested retail price starts at an affordable $14.99 which, to be honest, is super refreshing when everything else these days seems to be priced at $59 when it’s time for the holidays.

However certain Fuggler stuffed animals can go up to $59.

On a more serious note its never “ok” to call someone “ugly”.

There are more and more Apps available online where people can send in their selfie and ask other people “Am I Ugly” This saddens me.

I have weighed in on the experts to talk on the topic of “Ugly”. Dr Scott Griffiths leads the Physical Appearance Research Team at the University of Melbourne. Dr Griffiths said, these apps and website largely miss the point.

Ugly Duckling

“Self-esteem based on appearance is notoriously unstable, to the extent that you internalise other people’s evaluations of how attractive you are and what you should do to become more attractive in their eyes,” he said.

“You risk making your self-esteem increasingly contingent on what other people think, rather than on you and your own acceptance of your own self, which is where strong self esteem comes from.”

For some people the stake are higher. It may be the difference between starving yourself or worse still harming yourself. Please find below relevant phone numbers for help if you feel you can not cope with your self esteem and no one is listen in your circle of friend or at home.

If you or anyone you know needs help with an eating disorder:

“There’s a set of psychological disorders for which you basing your self esteem and your appearance on others’ opinions of your appearance is involved, and those are eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorders and another disorder called muscle dysmorphia,”

Dr Griffiths said. “It speaks to the amount of pressure on young people to look good and a certain way. “They’re reaching out to strangers on the internet to give them them the sort of evaluations that really ought to be coming from themselves and which aren’t meant to be evaluations at all.”

He said it was significant that many of the posters were young men. “There is a perception out there still that men and boys aren’t worried about their appearance and it’s just not true at all,” he said.

I asked around here is what people had to say about the use of the word ugly to describe another person.

If you had to use a word INSTEAD of “ugly” what word would you use?

I asked around and this is the response I got;

“I would neither call them ugly nor plain because it is not their fault that they are looking like that. I usually refer people with what they are, their job or their work/Bike they own/ color of their bag/ whatever unique thing they have. And it’s definitely not based on the looks.”

“If you do so, you are indulging in euphemism, substituting a word less likely to cause distress than use of a word that is more accurate. The difficulty is simply “ugly”it is still insulting, so if the intent is to spare someone’s feelings about their appearance, don’t use the word ugly.

Slang words always introduces inaccuracy, since if you used a true synonym for ugly, your intent would not be met. You need to substitute a word that would trigger a thank you, rather than a knee jerk response from the person whose feelings you are concerned about.

A classic approach to this is to comment on an attractive feature rather than use words like ugly. Describe the whole. Example: instead of They are as ugly as sin, you could say, They have a cute chin and change the subject.

So as you can see, even those fugglers are cute funny ugly monsters, its still not ok to call a person ugly.

Grinning from ear-to-ear, a Fuggler has a  tiny mouth filled with human-like teeth, and their less-then-pearly whites are big, realistic and totally weird, so beware! They’re always looking for more – maybe even from your mouth.


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