Small Stuffed Animal: Aurora Plush in Review

The World of Small Stuffed Animal

Aurora World is a place where dreams are made. Its a world of small stuffed animal and so much more. Formerly A&A Plush, the company’s main activities are the distribution of plush toys and gifts.  Aurora makes plush animals, fictional characters from movies and cartoon. They also make accessories such as dress up clothes and key chains. Aurora also customises its plush toys for businesses and corporate promotion. Aurora toys boast a large distribution network including 25,000 retailers (department stores, specialty toy and gift stores) globally including Hallmark, Learning Express, and Neiman Marcus. The company has a dozen showrooms throughout the states.

Originating from Korea in 1981, Aurora World is a global competitor in plush toys (small stuffed animal) and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry. Aurora World sells not only to retailers but also to major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores and top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationery stores worldwide.

What’s great about this company is the dedicated senior management team to its future programs and merchandise. The company’s commitment to research and development (for small stuffed animal) of superior materials with an eco friendly approach in mind is unique in a world where normally funds are not made available for R&D.

Aurora are known for their high quality products, range of diverse products and competitive pricing. In addition, Aurora owns its manufacturing facilities and prides itself in their expansive distribution resources and in-house research and development teams.  Aurora World noted a 45% increase in sales in 2019 compared with 2018. With new lines and increased sales Aurora hold the keys to even greater success. Aurora merchandise remains a leader in it industry to this day.

The Branding includes; 

A) Aurora Brands

    • YooHoo
    • Sea Sparkles
    • Dreamy Eyes
    • Miyoni
    • Fancy Pals
    • ebba
    • Destination Nation
    • Flopsies

This line of products can be found on CLICK HERE

B) Licensed Brands

Small Stuffed Animal

Cat in the Hat –The Cat in the Hat has arrived and is ready to play! The iconic Dr. Seuss character comes in this adorable plush, perfect for any childhood fun!

    • Based on the original character and illustrations by Dr. Seuss.
    • 18 inches long.
    • Features cute details and textures.

Small Stuffed Animal

Precious Moments has been one of the world’s most recognized inspirational brands throughout the past several decades, and is now available in adorable Aurora World plush.

  • Share the gift of love with this 12in tall Charlie Bear!
  • Features Precious Moments teardrop eyes. Adorable!
  • A heart shaped inspiration tag. Charlie Bear’s reads “So Beary Sweet.”
  • Bean-filled bottom helps Charlie sit straight and upright!

Small Stuffed Animal

Breyer – Colorful and beautiful, Paints are stock horses that are often used for pleasure riding, competition, and ranch work. Their markings come in almost every color, and appear in tobiano, overo, or tovero patterns.

  • 13 inches in size.
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch.
  • Unique Corral Packaging with name plate.
  • Perfect gift for those who love Breyer Horses.
  • Paint Horse

Small Stuffed Animal

tokidoki –The Unicornos were once simple little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom. The Unicornos live between the magic kingdom and our world. Liberty Unicorno is inspired by our beloved Lady Liberty, featuring embroidered star details and a large crown on its head.

small stuff animal

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

  • 8.5 inches in size.
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch.
  • Based off of the popular children’s series, True and the Rainbow Kingdom.
  • Sure to become a favorite
  • Features detailed embroidery on the face.


Small Stuffed Animal: Aurora Plush in Review

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy are dressed in vintage-inspired fabrics and has yarn hair and embroidered eyes. Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy were created by Johnny Gruelle in 1918.



Small Stuffed Toy

The World of Dinosaur Roar – Products Unavailable

Small Stuffed Animal: Aurora Plush in Review

Max & Ruby- Max & Ruby are kind and caring. Ruby is always looking out for her brother, Max. Ruby’s ears stick up with a bright smile on her face. She is wearing her favorite patterned-white-daisies and purple night dress.

  • 12 inches in size.
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch.
  • Based off of Rosemary Wells’ children’s book series, Max & Ruby.
  • Perfect size to hold and cuddle & Features detailed embroidery on the face.


  • A Little Dose of Happy
  • Hang N Swing
  • Huggle Buddies
  • Macaron Collection
  • Princess Kitty Boutique
  • Prisma Party
  • Schooshie
  • Shoulderkins
  • Splootsies
  • Sweeties

Aurora categorises it’s merchandise into Seasonal , Occasions, Bears and Dolls and has won many awards.


Recent News has included ;

  • Aurora World Launches Major Sustainability Initiative! January 18th, 2019
  • Breyer® Announces New Partnership with Aurora World, September 24th, 2019
  • Aurora Fancy Pals Pet Carrier – (Winner of Great Holiday Gift and iParenting Media Award 2019 )


Aurora World Launches Major Sustainability Initiative by launching eco-friendly plush range – Palm Pals

Named ‘Palm Pals’ for the manner in which they easily sit in the palm of your hand, the range is made from eco-accommodating materials. This launch is in the wake of reporting Aurora’s drive to utilize 100% recyclable materials for the entirety of its items before the end of 2020.

12 distinct styles of Palm Pals were launched February 2020: Slomo Sloth, Hedgie Hedgehog, Safara Giraffe, Betsy Chick, Chilly Penguin, Meow Kitty, Busky Husky, Wooley Lamb, Happy Hamster, Wizard Pig, Ella Bunny, and Sly Fox. All characters are 13 centimeters and retail at approximately $15.

Garry Stoner, Aurora World’s Travel Retail Manager, says: “We have gotten a great deal of positive input since the declaration of our Green Initiative and we are eager to dispatch the first of numerous practical lines. As environmental change strain keeps on rising, it is basic that we do our bit to support the planet, and our new reasonable items can be bought and joyed 100% virtuous!”

Aurora World’s manageability vows a 2020 target. Before the current year’s over, all of Aurora World’s items will be made utilizing fiber fill produced using 100% reused plastics, fabric marks produced using 100% recycled materials, plastic pellets produced using recycled plastics, just as utilizing recyclable hang labels and dispatching materials. By practicing environmental awareness’, ‘Aurora has determined it will be sparing more than 3 million pounds of reused plastics, reducing paper use by over 30% every year, and lessening its carbon omissions generally.

“Over the most recent couple of years, here at Aurora World, we have put forth a cognizant attempt to diminish waste and help ensure the planet — cutting paper utilization over 30% by changing to a computerized documenting process,” as indicated by Michael Kessler, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. “Presently, like never before, is an ideal opportunity to become environmentally friendly. Following quite a while of looking, we have at long last discovered all the assets expected to have a huge effect. By utilizing reused items and cutting waste, we can add to a superior world.”

It was the principal Aurora line to utilize eco-accommodating reused biopolymer pellets a year ago too.

Beginning January 2019, Aurora World will receive 100% post-customer polyester for every one of its items. They will likewise start using eco-friendly recycled biopolymer pellets in all Aurora World items for the small stuffed animal plush. These pellets are utilized to give rich toys weight and the best rack appearance; alone, they represent more than 3 million pounds of reused plastic every year.

Likewise, the present standard glossy silk sewn-in name will be supplanted with reused silk. Also, the hang label will never again be covered with UV and will be made with 100% reused paper. Aurora World will source other recyclable materials that will cause a striking commitment to having its rich to turn out to be altogether eco-friendly small stuffed animals. These progressions will be concluded on all items before the finish of this current year.

Moreover, the organization’s lord shipping containers are now made of recyclable material and will start conveying the U.S. reused item image. In other delivery advancements, Aurora World will likewise supplant plastic pressing tape with paper pressing tape and utilize less poly packs.

Solid entertainers incorporate the YooHoo line (supported by the YooHoo and Friends Netflix arrangement) and Sparkle Tales . “We have exclusive standards that our business will proceed to develop and succeed in the years to follow, particularly with our Green Initiative presently set up.”

Stoner said plans to grow the Aurora World travel retail group and further tasks are in the pipeline.


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  1. Very interesting. I had no idea one company was responsible for so many major toy brands. I had not heard of Aurora before, so I am glad I came across your site and was able to learn more about the company and everything they’ve had to offer.

    My son actually has the Cat in the Hat toy in the picture, I will have to see if it is the same brand tomorrow!

    Thanks for the awesome info!!

    • Thank you kindly for your support of this article. I like to highlight those companies that are doing their bit for recycled products and in this companies case they are one of the world leaders in the toy industry. Thank You Jen

  2. Let me congratulate you on your obvious, and comprehensive attempts, to manufacture your plush  goods from both recycled and recyclable materials. It is great to see manufacturers thinking outside of the box in doing their part to care for our stressed environment while managing to stay in business and provide jobs.

    You should really make this a banner feature in your advertising it will I am sure help sell your products in an increasingly environmentally aware customer base.


    • Thank you Hamish. I think it is important to emphasise the company’s efforts to make products from recycled good. THe kids are getting into this and so I am. Thank you for your suggestion about advertising. Its timely as I am organising that now. Thank You Jen

  3. I have friends especially ladies that are fund of these small stuffed animals. I never had much interest in them but I discovered recently that I am developing interest in them like my friends. They’re somehow comforting in a way. Aurora Plush is really an interesting company with high standards and quality. The increase in their sales in 2019 shows that this company is what giving a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. hello Jennifer 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your review on Aurora plush.

    My niece loves stuffed toys a lot and the “Precious moments” toy would make an amazing birthday gift for her forth coming birthday.

    i love that aurora is environmental friendly. This is a huge plus for me.

    Thanks for such a nice and informative piece

    • Hi There, Thank you for support and yes Aurora make beautiful plush that last forever. I t would be great gift for niece. Many Thanks Jennifer


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