Bluey – A Popular Plush in Australia

Bluey is an curious six year-old Blue Heeler dog, who loves to play.Bluey - A Popular Plush in Australia Bluey was renewed for a second series on TV in 2019, which is scheduled to premiere in March 2020.

Every day is an adventure with Bluey’s family and friends. Bluey’s character has a creative imagination whilst showing resilience in growing emotional, physical and mental strength. This cartoon character called Bluey was originally created in Queensland and the cartoon sets and scenes are from some great Aussie settings.

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The hit Australian preschool show Bluey was been nominated for an International Emmy in the International Emmy Kids Awards in August 2019. A total of 28 nominated programs in seven categories from 15 countries were announced at the Mipcom television market, which is held annually in Cannes, France.

Bluey, which is produced by the Queensland production company Ludo Studio, was nominated in the preschool category, up against Germany’s Animanimals, Chile’s Petit and South Korea’s SuperWings Mission Teams.

Bluey - A Popular Plush in Australia

“The geographic spread and diversity of topics addressed in this year’s nominated programs attest to the vibrancy and quality of children’s television throughout the world,” Bruce Paisner, the president and CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, said. The winners will be announced next March.

The Bluey TV series is also available through Disney channels in paid TV.

One of the best episodes of Bluey, in my opinion, was when Bluey and Bingo (Bluey’s sister) get their granny to learn the Flossing dance moves so Blueys sister could see that old people can dance. Flossing is featured in the 2017 video game Fortnite Battle Royale, developed and published by Epic Games, as a limited-time dance “emote” as a reward from the Battle Pass Season 2 that can be performed by the characters while playing. Flossing has become popular in schools due to the popularity of Fortnite and because of support from parents and administrators, as flossing can be seen as lacking the relative eroticism seen in other dance moves popular with young people. In 2018, flossing has been further popularized by this episode of Bluey.

Bluey lives with her father, Bandit; mother, Chilli; and younger sister, Bingo, who regularly joins Bluey on adventures as the pair embark on imaginative play together.

Dad is a stay at home dad who tackles the day to day issues that modern families can relate to. Bluey’s Mum (Chilli), works part-time as an airport security guard,and is the voice over local actor Melanie Zanetti (Tidelands, The Family LaBlueyw), who will star in L’Appartment for Queensland Theatre 2020.

In addition to all the excitement with this TV series, these lovable characters are coming to you live on stage in Australia in 2020.The favourite children’s’ show are now visiting more than 50 venues throughout Australia. The show follows the experiences of a this boundless six-year-old Blue Heeler little girl, who wants to design expand games and bring her family and the entire neighborhood into her universe of fun.

Bluey’s Big Play will captivate the audience of Australia’s preferred TV family show in a show on stage. It will be filled with fun loving, clever and somewhat brazen events. On stage Bluey’s family will, vows to be a magnificent event for youngsters and their adults.

The most popular episodes of the TV series Bluey are listed below.

      • Bob Bilby

      • Fruitbat Hotel,

      • Butterflies,

      • The Weekend,

      • The Magic Xylophone

      • Blue Mountains

      • Calypso

      • Yoga Ball

      • Shadowlands

      • The Claw

      • Bike

      • Pool

      • Markets

      • Takeaway

Starting from January 2020, the ABC is rolling out a major update to the iview app on Smart TVs and affects the way you view Bluey.

What’s New?

The application has been fully rebuilt and designed for modern TVs and large screen devices. The key changes are:

  • a much cleaner, easier to use interface with a “program preview” area that shows you information about a program right on the home screen
  • adaptive video streaming that handles slower or unreliable network connections
  • HD streaming for selected programs
  • simplified show screens which make it easier to browse full series and episodes
  • a navigation shortcut to ABC KIDS
  • access to all ABC TV live streams — ABC TV, ABC Comedy, ABC KIDS, ABC News, ABC ME

Home Screen


Show Screen


Still to Come

As we roll out the new iview app to more Smart TV brands and models, we will also be working on a range of features and improvements, including but not limited to:

  • device linking to login to an ABC account to synchronise viewing between your Smart TV and iview on other devices
  • improved program search
  • watchlist (favourite programs)
  • personalised program recommendations

Please note: the new app does not currently store your viewing progress. Will we restore this functionality in a future update.

Which brands of Smart TV is the updated iview TV app available for?

Manufacturer Devices How to get the updated iview?
Samsung 2019, 2016, 2017* See instructions below
Hisense 2019, 2018, 2017 The app will appear automatically in your TV  “apps” area.

* coming soon to Samsung 2018, devices

How to update ABC iview on Samsung Smart TVs

For the best experience using ABC iview on your 2019 Samsung Smart TV, you’ll need to make sure you have the new app installed. This is separate from updating the TV’s system software or firmware. The easiest way to keep your apps updated is to have the TV do it automatically.

To set this up, use the following steps:

  1. Press the Smart Hub/Home button your Samsung TV remote.
  2. In the Smart Hub Home Menu, select Apps.
  3. Select My Apps.
  4. Select Options and make sure Auto Update is set to On.
  5. If you don’t want the apps to update automatically, set Auto Update to Off.
  6. If you’re using the manual option, when you select an individual app you’ll be notified if an update is available. Follow any further messages or prompts to initiate the update process.
  7. When the update is completed, the app will open so you can use it.

New episodes of Bluey will be back from Tuesday March 17 at 8am AND 6.20pm on ABC KIDS and the ABC KIDS app.

That’s right, Bluey Series 2 will be on twice a day every day because we just can’t get enough of The Heeler family.

Looking for more Bluey fun? Visit the Bluey program page.

You can also download the improved ABC Kids app to enjoy four bonus episodes of Bluey and a host of new app features that enhance usability for children and their parents.

Take a peek at the bonus episodes here.

Get the ABC KIDS app from the App Store for iPhone and iPad here and from Google Play for Android devices here.